i am no longer in menopause and i am cancer free!

My journey began January 2014 when I had been diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer. After 4 biopsies, Pet Scan & MRI, the conclusion was to have a full Hysterectomy and this was the only solution offered to me. Through fear I finally surrender accepting to have this surgery done by end of July 2014.

Without a search I was lead to Malieokalani, a Four Winds graduated, who gave me my first shamanic healing. This created an opening in helping my soul surface & release all forms of attachments and energy blockages. This is what truly inspired me in pursuing the Shamanic teachings offered at The Four Winds.

I received the rite of the Womb on October 11th, 2014, and the next day after gifting this rite to my niece, my period began. I have not had a period since February 2014. I am no longer in menopause and I am Cancer Free. My uterus is back to cleansing and my new software has been downloaded into my new path. I had the honor to offer my blood to Pacha Mamma and buried it into the earth:

I release my fear so I may embrace freedom
I release my pain so I may embrace joy
I release my anger so I may embrace compassion
I release my sadness so I may embrace peace.
Thank you Mother earth for all that you have created!

My Doctors have transferred me from Oncology to specialized Gynecology.
They are still trying to understand what is no longer there.



Sonia Petrilli
From Montreal, Canada


this rite was so important and meaningful and full of deep work for me,

and reaching across generations of women ancestors. As I received the Rite (from Dona Juanita) I had a flash of insight telling me that even though technically my period would not be due, that this transmission would suddenly realign my cycle so that my period would occur exactly on the shedding point - the dark of the moon. Well, this happened exactly, even though my period was not due for almost another 2 weeks, and I have been extremely regular in knowing my cycle for the past ten years at least. This reaffirms so many of my innate spiritual beliefs and my connection with the moon and the divine feminine… and our Earth Mother.


Nikki Sleath
Connecticut, United States


as a little girl in jamaica

I was sexually molested on several occasions by two different male adults neighbors. In my culture adults were always right and children were to be seen but not to be heard. There was also the rule of never exposing a family’s dirty laundry (secrets) to the public.

I suppressed all memories of what had happen but as a young adult living in the United States they re emerged with vengeance. I spent many years in various talk therapies, but I only received a measure of peace through developing a spiritual practice and a form of therapy known as EMDR.

With receiving the Womb rite from Marcela and several other sisters in Chile, as well as in turn giving the rite to them, a very deep healing happened. I felt that for the first time in my life, my womb was acknowledged as the sacred space that is.

I am deeply grateful to have received the gift of this healing, and I will share it with the women in my country and beyond.


Li Sann Mullings
February, 24, 2016


a man’s perspective

As the only man in a recent Four Winds masters class, I had the honor and privilege of holding sacred space for 22 women receiving the Rite of the Womb.

I felt the love of the linage enter my body and cleanse my “feminine”, infusing me with healing energy and balancing the masculine and feminine–. In a sense I was given the Rite of the Womb. This was a very powerful healing for me as I had been struggling with a disowned feminine all of my life. I felt reborn, renewed and whole, deeply honoring the feminine energy in myself and all of us.

It was only afterward that I realized the Rite of the Womb was not about gender but about honoring and healing the feminine “Cosmic Womb” of all of us. As we have entered the paradigm of the feminine, it is the women-the feminine who are going to bring peace and love into the world and as men it is our responsibility to protect them, heal ourselves and join them as “we” all go about this sacred work.

Brothers, I encourage you to participate in one of these Rite of the Womb ceremonies and support our sisters and the linage of the jungle medicine women in bringing healing to the “Cosmic Womb”.


Gregory Rills
New York