Sacred Space


It is very important to create an inviting atmosphere for the lineage to come through when you share the rite. If the space feels inviting to you and the women that will receive the rite, then the place will feel inviting for the lineage.
If the ceremony will happen indoors then you need to build an altar. It does not need to be big or complicated, but it needs to provoke sacredness and beauty.
On a flat surface, like a table or bench, set a nice cloth and in the middle put a bowl with water. This is the most essential element of the altar because the water will absorb the prayers and then you’ll offer it to the Earth for her healing.
Then you can add thirteen candles around the water to honor the thirteen moons of the year and also to activate the altar with the flames. Finally you can enhance the space and the ceremony by having flowers or flower petals in the altar (specially lavender and roses).
After this guidelines use your intuition and check directly with the lineage about adding anything else. Ask a question and tune for an answer remembering that you are also the lineage.
If you have access to a place in nature that feels good and inviting then you may perform the ceremony there. It isespecially ideal if you have a lake as it resembles the womb of the Earth and we want to share this healing with the Her. But, it can also be under a tree, in a forest, by a big rock, by a river, a mountain, or any place that helps you feel the sacredness of life.
Either indoors or outdoors, it is important to share the healing with Mother Earth. Every woman that receives the rite can offer a healing prayer for Her.
If you are indoors, you can use the flower petals to blow your prayers into and then put the petals in the bowl of water. At the end of the ceremony you release that water directly on the Earth or a river or a lake.
If you are outdoors, you can also blow your prayers on rose petals and give them directly to Mother Earth. If you feel that there is something more appropriate to blow your prayers into then go with your intuition.